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Some of our past clients

HDB @ Bidadari

HDB renovation
A young family with 2 children, Fiona had  done extensive research online. As she has a clear idea of her wants, we provide our opinions and guide her to create her dream home for a family of 4.

Landed @ Bukit Timah

Landed Property construction
Mr & Mrs are a very practical couple whom works long hours as accountant and business owner. They choose quality fittings for the interior and solar panel at roof top to enhance their home's value.

Office @ Alexandra

Commerical Office fit out
A listed company - where deals are made with bankers, the finishing are grand and luxury. From marble feature wall to gold trim wall panel, floor finish to ergonomics furniture for senior executive

Range Of Services

Our Values

 We strike to provide the best possible experience to the best of our ability

We propose the most suitable design for client - not for our profit nor portfolio

We aim to provide the most transparent pricing on the information we have on hand

Portbee Teamwork
Excellent team work and communication behind every projects, be it a commercial building, a landed property, a condo or HDB project

Our Team Members

Project director

Mr Tan has been in the construction industry for over 36 years. He likes looking into the foundation footing, the structural column of a building. 

Project supervisor

Mr Yap from Malaysia and works in Singapore since he was 18 years old. He has a durian plantation in Johor and the team is in for a treat every time the durian season 

Project ID/ manager

Zeng Kai graduated from NTU with an engineering degree. He joined the construction & renovation industry after his 3 years stint in Keppel offshore & marine. 

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